3M National Student Fellowship in CanadaPartial FundingResearch Fellow / Scientist (Courses offered by the Universities) 
AACR Outstanding Investigator Award for Breast Cancer ResearchPartial FundingPhD, Post Doctoral, Research Fellow / Scientist (Breast Cancer Research) 
AACR-CRI Lloyd J. Old Award in Cancer ImmunologyPartial FundingResearch Fellow / Scientist (Cancer Immunology) 
ACI Foundation Graduate ScholarshipsPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Structural design, materials, construction, or any combination thereof) 
ACI Foundation Richard D Stehly Memorial ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors (Engineering) 
Addiction Treatment Education ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (All subjects offered at the University) 
AIRC International Cancer Research Fellowships (ICARE)Partial FundingPost Doctoral (Oncologic Research) 
AIWA Lucy Kasparian Aharonian ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters, PhD (Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Computer Science, and Architecture) 
Algonquin College International Student ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors (All subjects available at the University) 
Ali Arts Entrepreneurship AwardPartial FundingBachelors (Arts) 
Ambedkar Overseas Vidhya Nidhi Scholarships for SCFull FundingBachelors, Masters, PhD
Anne Vallee Ecological FundThis fund offers two $ 1,500 scholarshipStudents doing animal science at the doctoral level at universities in British Columbia or Quebec are eligible to apply 
Annual Electric Dog Fence DIY ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters, Training and Short Courses (Veterinary and Animal Science) 
Arthur F. Church Entrance ScholarshipPartial FundingBechelors
ASM Materials Education Foundation – Undergraduate ScholarshipsPartial FundingBachelors (Metallurgy or Materials Science Engineering) 
Aspire – Canada Scholarship ProgramPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Any subject) 
Axol Science ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters, PhD (Life Science) 
Bank of Montreal Visiting Scholarship in Women StudiesPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Women Studies) 
Banting International Postdoctoral FellowshiPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Engineering, humanities, health science)
Banting Postdoctoral FellowshipWorth $ 70,000 per year (taxable) for two yearsOffered by the Canadian government to international students to pursue postgraduate program within the naturla science, social sciences or healthcare research 
Bayer Science and Education Foundation-International FellowshipsPartial FundingMasters, PhD, Training and Short Courses (
Biology, Molecular biology, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutics and drug discovery)
Bayer Science and Education Foundation-Jeff Schell ScholarshipsPartial FundingMasters, Phd (Agricultural Sciences) 
BeArt Presets Academic ScholarshipsPartial FundingHigh/Secondary School, Bachelors, Masters 
Berows International Program Test (BISPT)Full FundingHigh/Secondary school, Bachelors, Masters (All courses)
Bradshaw’s Law LLC Annual Academic ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Courses offered by the College) 
British Council – IELTS AwardPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Any subject)
CAAS Undergraduate ScholarshipFull FundingBachelors (all disciplines of study except Medicine and Dentistry) 
Canada-ASEAN SEED₹ 6,06,392,60 for cost of program ₹ 3,03,327.80 for flight, visa, health insurance ₹ 97,064.90 weekly allowanceMid-career professional from ASEAN countries 
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) Dick Martin ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Diploma (Occupational health and saftey) 
Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship PlanThe award comprises travel, living allowance and the compulsory tution fees. It includes Graduate Students Exchanges (GSEP), which provide $ 10,000 for transportation, living and other expenses in Canada for 5-6 monthsThis scheme identifies students with high intellect from Commonwealth countries applying to programs of advanced study and research at the Master and PhD level 
Canadian Government Postdoctoral ScholarshipPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Courses offered by the University) 
Canadian Studies Post-Doctoral Fellowship₹ 151598.15/month and airfare up to ₹ 6,06,392.60Completed thesis in last 5 years, is not employed, length of stay 1-3 months 
Centre for Cyber Safety and Education’s Graduate ScholarshipsPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Cybersecurity or Information Assurance) 
CFGR Bertam Scholarship 2021Partial FundingPhD offered at the University
CGSP Postdoctoral FellowshipsPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care Partnership) 
CIFAR Azrieli Global ScholarshipPartial FundingPost Doctoral (selected programs offered by the University 
Cogan and Power Academic ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Courses offered by the College) 
Conestoga College International Degree Entrance ScholarshipsPartial FundingBachelors, Masters
CSA Group Graduate ScholarshipPartial FundingMasters (Engineering, Social Sciences, Health Sciences)
Dalhousie University – Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarships in CanadaPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Any discipline) 
Dalhousie University – OZ Optics Limited Graduate Scholarships in CanadaPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Physics, Electrical Engineering or computer science)
David Johnston – Lebovic Foundation International Experience Awards in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors, Masters offered at the University
David W. Strangway Award for ExcellencePartial FundingBachelors (Any bachelors course at the Quest University) 
Dean’s Student Initiatives FundPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Arts and Science) 
DMEM Excellence Scholarship at University of StrathclydePartial FundingMasters (Design manufacture and engineering management) 
DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion Graphic Culture Research GrantPartial FundingMasters, other (Graphic Design or Graphic Art) 
Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award in CanadaFull FundingBachelors (All subjects) 
Dr Edouard Delcrox PrizePartial FundingResearch Fellow / Scientist (Links between oceans and human health) 
Dr Eduard Gubelin Research ScholarshipPartial FundingMasters, PhD, Post Doctoral (Earch Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Material Sciences, Archaeology, Biology) 
Edoye Porbeni Service Equals Success Entrance AwardPartial FundingBechelors (All subjects) 
Education Future International Scholarship Partial FundingBechelors, Masters (All courses)
EIT International Excellence ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Science and Engineering)
EMBL FellowshipsFull FundingPost Doctoral (Milecular Biology) 
Erasmus Mundus ScholarshipPartial FundingMasters (Subjects offered by the universities) 
Ethicon Foundation Fund Travel GrantsPartial FundingConferences and Travel Grants (Medicine) 
ETS TOEFL ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Any subject) 
Ezstorit Get Ahead ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (All Courses) 
Facebook Emerging Scholar ProgramPartial FundingPhD ( Computer science, Computer engineering, Electrical engineering, System architecture) 
Facebook Grace Hopper ScholarshipPartial FundingHigh/Secondary school, Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Post Doctoral (Computer Science)(only for women) 
Food Marketing Institute – Food Safety Auditing Scholarships Partial FundingBechelors, Masters (Food and Agricultural Science)
Forte Fellows ProgramPartial FundingMasters, MBA (Business Administration) 
Frank J Richter ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Subject offered by the University) 
German Academic Scholarship Foundation-Leo baeck Fellowship ProgrammePartial FundingPhD (History and culture of Central European, Jewry) 
Global Citizen ScholarshipFull FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
Global Study IELTS AwardsPartial FundingBachelors, Master (Any choosen programme at admitted university) 
Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership Scholarships in CanadaPartial FundingMasters (Sustainable energy development) 
Google PhD Fellowship ProgramFull FundingPhD (Computer Sciences) 
Gordon Diewert Community Service Entrance AwardPartial FundingBachelors (Kinesiology, Biomedical Physiology) 
Gordon Signy FellowshipsPartial FundingResearch Fellow/ scientist (Pathology) 
Graduate Bursaries at Simon Fraser UniversityPartial FundingBachelors (All subjects) 
Graduate Student Scholarship ProgramPartial FundingResearch Fellow/Scientist  (Engineering and Technology)
Hawirko Roma Zenovea Graduate ScholarshipPartial FundingPhD (Microbiology) 
Henrietta Hutton Research GrantPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (All subjects applicable) 
HKADC Overseas Art Administration ScholarshipsFull FundingMasters (Art project management, arts policy & administration, curating, marketing & communication, research & analysis, development & entrepreneurship) 
Horowitz Foundation GrantsPartial FundingPhD (Social Policy) 
Houtan ScholarshipPartial FundingMasters (Iran’s culture, heritage, language and civilization) 
Humber College – International Entrance Scholarships in Canada Only Tution FeesBachelors (Courses offered by the College) 
Ideapod Scholarship for International StudentsPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (All Subjects) 
IDRC Research AwardsTravel and research support of up to ₹ 909805.05Applicants participating in master’s or doctoral programs in developed countries (Masters scholarships in Canada) 
IELTS Test Fee ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (English)
IIE Artist Protection FundPartial FundingArts 
Industry Fellowship ProgrammePartial FundingResearch Fellow / Scientist (Any discipline) 
International Council of Medical Research – ICMR International FellowshipsPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Biomedical Sciences) 
International Development Fellows Program (IDEP), Catholic Relief ServicesFull FundingResearch Fellow / Scientist (International relief and development with a faith-based organization. 
International Entrance Leadership ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
International House AwardPartial FundingBachelors (All the subject offered by the University) 
International Leader of Tomorrow Award UBC VancouverPartial FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
International Major Entrance Scholarship UBCPartial FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
International Peace ScholarshipsPartial FundingMasters, PhD (All Subjects) (For Women) 
International Society of Nephrology (ISN) Fellowship programFull FundingTraining and Short Courses (Clinical Nephrology, Transplantation) 
International Student Leaders Award University Canada West (UCW)Partial FundingBachelors, Masters (Business administration, Commerce, Business Communication, Arts) 
International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships at University of GuelphPartial FundingBachelors courses offered at the University
Investintech – CAJ Journalism Scholarship 2020Partial FundingBachelors, Masters (Journalism) 
IWMF Howard G. Buffett FundPartial FundingJournalism (For women only) 
Jaan Einasto International ScholarshipPartial FundingPhD, Post Doctoral (Astronomy or Space Technology) 
Jacobs Foundation Research FellowshipsPartial FundingPhD (Child and Youth Development) 
James N. Rosenau Post-Doctoral Fellowship, ISAFull FundingPost Doctoral (Social Sciences and Humanities) 
JCC Investigational New Drug FellowshipPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Medical Oncology) 
JN Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of IndiansPartial FundingMasters, PhD, Post Doctoral (All disciplines) 
Joining UBC’s Community International Merit-Based Awards in CanadaOnly Tution FeesBachelors (Courses offered by the universities) 
Kate Neal Kinley Memorial FellowshipPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Art, Architecture, Dance, Landscape Architecture, Music, Theatre, Urban and Regional Planning) 
Keith and Dorothy Mackay Postgraduate Travelling Scholarships Partial FundingPhD (Any subject) 
Khyentse Foundation Buddhist Studies ScholarshipPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Buddhist Study and Practice) 
Khyentse Foundation Individual Practice GrantsPartial FundingMasters (Buddhist Study and Practice) 
Khyentse Foundation Translation Studies ScholarshipPartial FundingTraining and Short Courses (Translation studies, Buddhist Philosophy)
Kiel University Exchange ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors (Programs offered by the Chosen University) 
Komen Postdoctoral Fellowship GrantsPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Basic/Translational and Clinical Research) 
Laval University’s Hydro-Quebec Admission Scholarship in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors, Masters, Diploma (Selected Course offered at the University) 
Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship ProgramFull FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
MAB Young Scientists AwardsPartial FundingPhD, Post Doc (Ecosystems, Natural Resources and Biodiversity) 
Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund GrantsPartial FundingMasters, PhD (All Subjects) 
Marie Odette Gabrielle Clay Memorial AwardPartial FundingBachelors (All the subject offered by the University) 
Mary Quon Moy Ing Memorial ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors (Journalism) 
Mawista ScholarshipsPartial FundingBachelors (All Subjects) 
Max Planck Research AwardPartial FundingPhD, Post Doctoral (Organismal Biology) 
McMaster Dean’s Excellence Entrance ScholarshipsFull FundingBachelors (Engineering I, Computer Science I, Bachelor of Technology I, or Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences) 
MCW Global Young Leaders Access ProgramFull FundingTraining and Short Courses (Leadership development, community development) 
Medical Science Graduate Program ScholarshipsPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Subject offered by the University) 
Merit-Based International Student ScholarshipsPartial FundingBachelors (All subjects offered at the University) 
MIRA Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Aging ResearchPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Aging Research) 
Mobility Tech Yearly ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Technology, Mental Health, Biotechnology, Marketing) 
MobilitySeeker Outdoor Sports ScholarshipPartial FundingHigh/Secondary school, Bachelors, Masters, PhD 
Mohawk College Academic Entrance ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors (All subjects offered at the University) 
Monica Cole Research GrantPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Geography) 
Narotam Sekhsaria ScholarshipPartial FundingMasters (Any field of study) 
NATA Business ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Diploma, Training and Short Courses (Aviation or Pilot Certification) 
National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Pioneers of Flight ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors (Aviation) 
National Research Council of Canada (NRCC) Research associateship is offered to master degree holders in engineering and PhD holders in natural science or engineering disciplines 
Natural Resources Canada Postdoctoral Research ProgramPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Natural Sciences) 
Nestle Nutrition Institute – Research Training FellowshipsPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Young women’s health, mother and child health and nutrition) 
Nokia ScholarshipsPartial FundingPhD (Information, telecommunications technology) 
Nokia Visiting Professor ScholarshipsPartial FundingConference and Travel Grants (Diverse Subjects) 
NTR Videshi Vidyadharana Overseas ScholarshipFull FundingEligible courses offered
Ontario Graduate SchoalrshipsThe scholarship amount is $ 5,000 per session. So you may receive $ 10,000 (two consecutive sessions); $ 15,000 (three consecutive sessions). In all, the unit will limit itself to one-third of the cost of the total award to be received by you.OGS are made possible through a partnership between the Canadian government and participating organisations 
Ontario Graduate Schoalrships (OGS) Program in CanadaPartial FundingMasters, PhD (All Subjects) 
Ontario Trillium Scholarship75 scholarship are awarded each year. Each scholarship is worth $ 40,000 annually, renewable for maximum for four years.PhD scholarships in Canada for students in Ontario 
Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS) in CanadaPartial FundingPhD (Subject offered by the University) 
Outstanding International Student Award UBCPartial FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
Partnership Grants by Social Sciene and Humanities Research Council in CanadaWorth up to CAD 20,000; duration 4 to 7 years.Supports new or existing research initiatives in social sciences and humanities 
Persephone Miel FellowshipPartial FundingMasters (Journalism) 
Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities at Universities and Research Institutes in the US and CanadaPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Humanities) 
Postdoctoral Research ProgramPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Natural Sciences)
Quebac Provincial Government ScholarshipDoctoral progame: $ 25,000 a year and duration is up to 3 years with a possible extension to it of 12 months; Postdoctoral scholarships: $ 35,000 for one year and can’t be renewed; Short term research professional development scholarship: $ 3,000 each for 4 months.Master’s students studying in Quebec Canadian universities are eligible for financial assistance. Merit-based awards are given out. 
Quebec Excellence Scholarships for Foreign StudentsPartial FundingPhD, Post Doctoral (Health, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Engineering) 
Quest University ScholrshipsPartial FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
Ramboll ScholarshipsPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Engineering, Natural science, political science, economics and architecture 
RBC Aboriginal Student Scholarships in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors (Any course offered by the institutions) 
Research Fellowships, Rosa Luxembourg FoundationFull FundingPhD (All fields of study) 
Richard A. Freund International ScholarshipPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Theory and application of quality control, quality assurance, quality improvement, and total quality management and covers the engineering, statistical, managerial, and behavioral foundations of those fields) 
Richard H. Tomlinson Doctoral FellowshipPartial FundingPhD (all the Courses at McGill University) 
Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship ProgramPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Accounting, Business administration, Finance, Criminal Justics) 
Robert Bell Travelling Scholarship in JournalismPartial FundingConference and Travel Grants (Journalism) 
Romy Waterlow Training Fellowship Trust ScholarshipPartial FundingTraining and Short Courses (HIV/AIDS or related areas) 
Royal Society International Exchange ProgrammePartial FundingPost Doctoral (Natural Sciences) 
Sanders Prize in the History of Early Modern PhilosophyPartial FundingMasters, PhD (History of Early Modern Philosophy) 
Saryu Doshi Postgraduate FellowshipsPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Liberal Arts) 
Science and SciLifeLab Prize for Young ScientistsFull FundingPost Doctoral, Research Fellow / Scientist (Translational Medicine, Genomics and Proteomics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Environment) 
Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience (SHEAR) Research ProgramFull FundingPost Doctoral (Research should contribute knowledge and evidence to enhance the resilience of sub Saharan African and South Asian people to natural hazards) 
Scotiabank International Partner Entrance ScholarshipsPartial FundingBachelors, Diploms, Training and Short Courses (Program offered by the University) 
Senior Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical MedicineFull FundingPost Doctoral (Public Health and Tropical Medicine) 
ServiceScape ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (All subjects offered at the University) 
Shastri Indo-Canadian InstituteCAD 500-1,000 (Expenses that are not provided by the applicant’s home institution, and related to subscription of online meeting softwre, internet connection, telephone bills, affiliation fee or registration fee to access library or lab facility will be considered, if any). The duration is up to 8-12 weeks for studentsOffers various fellowships at different levels from graduate to post-doctorate and from research to training fellowships. Shastri Research Student Fellowship: for students enrolled in bacelors, masters, M.Phil degree grogrammes in recognized Indian universities or institutions to undertake research in their interested areas/fields in a Canadian University. Eligible students can also pursue an e-course (module/part of a course), or do an e-intership at Canadian universities, which falls under SICI net work. The duration is up to 8-12 weeks for students 
Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research ProgramPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Science, Technology, Engineering) 
Silk Roads Youth Research GrantsPartial FundingConferences and Travel Grants (Science and Technology, Traditional Knowhow and Craftsmanship, Religion and Spirituality, Language and Literature, Arts and Music, Traditional Sports and Games)
Simon Fraser University – H.Y. Loue and Lohn Entrance Awards in CanadaPartial FundingAll Subjects
Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Graduate ScholarshipPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Animal Welfare) 
Sir Rata Tata Trust and Navabai Ratan Tata Trust Education GrantsPartial FundingMasters, PhD, Conferences and Travel Grants (Any field of study) 
Sir Ratanji Dalal Research ScholarshipPartial FundingPhD (tropical surgery or Tropical Medicine) 
Skype’s Foreign Studies’ Master’s Scholarship   Partial FundingMasters (Programs offered by the chosen University) 
Slawson AwardsPartial FundingPhD (Geography) 
Steinberg Global Health Postdoctoral Fellowship, McGill UniversityPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Global health research program) 
Taylor Randolph’s Annual Academic ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Courses offered by the College) 
Teach Abroad ScholarshipFull FundingBachelors, Masters (Teaching) 
The Al Qasimi Foundation’s Doctoral Research Grants of UAEFull FundingPhD (Policy making in the United Arab Emirates) 
The Baden-Wurttemberg Scholarships in GermanyPartial FundingBachelors, Masters, PhD (Any discipline) 
The Bellhops Moving Forward ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors (All subjects offered at the University) 
The Coady International Institute – Global Youth LeadersOnly Tution FeesTraining and Short Courses (Leadership skills) 
The Dalai Lama Trust ScholarshipsPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Any field of study) 
The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation GrantPartial FundingBachelors others (Arts – Painting, drawing, sculpture or paintmaking)
The European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship ProgrammeFull FundingPhD, Post Doctoral (Humanities and Social Sciences) 
The Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships at University of British ColumbiaFull FundingPhD (Any course offered by the University) 
The Leakey Foundation – Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial FellowshipsPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Human Origins or Evolution) 
The Smooth Movers ScholarshipPartial FundingHigh/Secondary school, Bachelors, Masters (All Subjects) 
The Tomlinson Doctoral FellowshipPartial FundingPhD (Any subject available at McGill University) 
The United Nationas – The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship ProgrammePartial FundingResearch Fellow / Scientist (Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Marine Science, related disciplines) 
The University of Winnipeg – Manitoba Graduate Scholarship (MGS) in CanadaPartial FundingMasters (Courses offered at the University) 
Thomson Foundation/RTE MojoCon Mobile Journalism CompetitionFull FundingJournalism 
Toptal STEM Scholarships for WomenPartial FundingHigh/Secondary school, Bachelors, Masters (Science and Engineering) 
Toronto Catholic District School Board-Catherine Temple Mathematics Awards in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Mathematics)
Tredeau Scholarships and FellowshispThe amount of $ 40,000 each year for three years; and $ 20,000 each year for three years, as research and travel allowanceInternational students seeking doctoral degrees in Canada are eligible for this award 
Trent University Entrance Scholarships in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
Trent University’s International Global Citizen Scholarships and Award in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (all the subjects offered by Trent University) 
UACES ScholarshipsPartial FundingMasters (All subjects offered at the University) 
UBC Future Forests FellowshipFull FundingForest Products Biotechnology, Bioenergy, Forest Genomics, Climate Change, Urban Forestry, Forest Management, Conservation, Landscapes, Salmon Ecology, Forest Health, Forests and Indigenous Peoples, Forests and Human Health 
UBC General AwardsPartial FundingBachelors, Masters, PhD (Courses offered by the University) 
UBC Killam Doctoral ScholarshipFull FundingPhD (All subjects offered by the University) 
UBC Vantage College AwardFull FundingBachelors (Arts, applied science in engineering, management, science) 
UCB MBA Excellence Scholarship for Continuing StudentsPartial Funding
UCW Second Language Excellence ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors, Masters, MBA (Business Administration, Commerce, Business Communication, Arts)
UICC Technical Fellowship (UICC-TF)Partial FundingResearch Fellow/Scientist in etiology, cancer prevention, early detection, diagonsis, and prognosis treatment, cancer control, survivorship, and research into outcomes advocacy and health policy
Undergraduate in-course Bursary ProgramPartial FundingBachelors (All courses offered by the University) 
UNESCO GAMPIL AwardsPartial FundingEducation, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Creativity, Peacemaking, Cultural Diversity, Environment, Poverty Reduction, Human Rights and Migration 
Universitas 21 Award, University of MelbournePartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Courses offered by the University) 
University of Alberta – Course-Based Master’s Recruitment Scholarships in CanadaPartial FundingMasters (Courses offered by the University) 
University of Alberta – Doctoral Recruitment Scholarships in CanadaPartial FundingPhD (Courses offered at the University) 
University of Alberta Doctoral Recruitment ScholarshipPartial FundingPhD (Subject offered by the University) 
University of Alberta Global Citizenship Scholarship for IB Diploma International StudentsFull FundingBachelors (All subjects offered at the University) 
University of Alberta ScholarshipsPartial FundingMaster, PhD (Courses offered by the University) 
University of British Columbia – Affiliated Fellowship in CanadaPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Business adminsitration, Management, Engineering, Pharmacy) 
University of British Columbia – Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in CanadaFull FundingPost Doctoral (All subjects) 
University of British Columbia – UBC Public Scholars Awards in CanadaPartial FundingPhD offered by the University
University of British Columbia Awards for International Students in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
University of British Columbia Neporany Doctoral Fellowship in CanadaPartial FundingPhD (Ukraine in political science, economics, and related fields) 
University of Buckingham Ondaatje Postgraduate ScholarshipMastersMasters (All subjects offered at the University) 
University of Lethbridge SGS Dean’s ScholarshiPartial FundingMasters, PhD (All subject offered at the University) 
University of Lethbridge SGS Tution ScholarshipPartial FundingMasters, PhD (All subject offered at the University) 
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF) in CanadaPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Programs offered by the University) 
University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) Undergraduate Research Award in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors (Business and Information Technology, Education, Engineering and Applied Science, Energy System and Nuclear Science, Health Science, Science, Social Science and Humanities) 
University of Ottawa PhD Studentship in Gut MicrobiologyPartial FundingPhD (Gut Microbiology) 
University of Toronto – Nelson Mandela Awards in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
University of Toronto – Petro Jacyk Visiting Scholars Program in CanadaFull FundingConferences and Travel Grants (This focus includes state- and institution- building in Ukraine; law and governance; problems of democratization; education, culture and identity of the nation and ethnic groups in Ukraine; history and the imperial past; and foreign policy and international relations.) 
University of Toronto Arts and Science Postdoctoral FellowshipsPartial FundingPost Doctoral (Arts and Science) 
University of Waterloo – Suncor Emerging Leaders Awards in Engineering in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors (Engineering)
University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors (Mathematics) 
University of Westminister Undergraduate Distant Horizons AwardsPartial FundingBachelors (Courses offered by the University) 
University of Windsor Graduate Entrance ScholarshipsPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Partial Funding) 
University of Winnipeg – Presidents’ Scholarship for World LeadersPartial FundingBachelors
Vanier Canada Graduate ScholarshipPartial FundingPhD (All subjects offered by the University) 
Vanier Graduate ScholarshipsCAD 50,000 per year for 3 years (non-renewable) Applicants must be deserving, with testing ability and leadership avilities 
Vantage One Excellence Award, UBCFull FundingBachelors (Subject offered by the university) 
Wahlagrenska Foundation ScholarshipPartial FundingResearch Fellow / Schentists (Mass Media) 
Wilfrid Laurier University Scholarships in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors, Masters (Subject offered by the University) 
Women in Finance ScholarshipPartial FundingMasters, PhD (Finance)
Women in STEM Scholarship ProgramPartial FundingBachelors (STEM) 
York University – Automatic Entrance Scholarship in CanadaPartial FundingBachelors (Subject offered by the university) 
York University International Circle of Scholars ScholarshipPartial FundingBachelors (Arts, Media, Performance & Design, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Environmental Studies, Health, Science, Engineering and Business) 
York University’s VISTA Masters Scholarships CanadaPartial FundingMasters (Select courses offered at the University) 
Young Journalist AwardPartial FundingJournalism 
SRSF – Student Internship Prgramme for Undergraduates or Integrated CoursePartial FundingPG (All Subjects)
MITACS-SICI Partnership : Globalink Research Award ProgrammePartial FundingMasters, PhD, Post Doctoral (All disciplines)
Shastri Publications Grant (SPG)   
Shastri Research Student Fellowship   
Shastri Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant   
Shastri Student Internship Project