The Centre for India-Canada Studies, a unique establishment, reflects the University’s endeavor to establish global linkages and foster bilateral relationships to promote academic activities. The Centre has a glorious history and nurtured and supported a repertoire of educational and research activities since its inception shepherded by visionary leaders. I plan to carry forward the rich legacy resonating with the evolving dynamics and catering to the need of the hour.
The Centre will establish a platform that allows all branches of academics, from science to humanities, from social sciences to music and arts and culture, to interact and disseminate knowledge. It would motivate the flow of new and innovative ideas. The Centre will encourage discussions and debates and create and publish literature in all disciplines of education. It plans to dissolve the barriers of departments and institutions and bring together the entire University community on a common platform.
We encourage the academic fraternity to join hands with us in our pursuit of academic excellence. We look forward to organizing exciting orations and public lectures, conferences and seminars, debates and competitions. We will publish books, reviews, articles, reports, conference proceedings and newsletters. We will mediate exchange programmes for undergraduate students to post-doctorates and faculties. We are open to collaborations for various academic activities with departments, centers and colleges within the framework of the mandates and objectives of the centre.
We invite suggestions and advise from all our well wishers and look forward to your active participation in our activities.  
Professor Suman Kundu