The Centre for Canadian Studies came into existence in 1991. The Centre has established global linkages and has become a centre of intense academic activities in Delhi. The long-term objective of the Centre is to support and enhance, on a sustainable basis, friendly Indo-Canadian relations is this globalised and liberalized world scenario. In pursuit of the above long- term objective, the major activities of the Centre revolve mainly around the promotion of a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Canada amongst under-graduate and post-graduate students, research scholars and faculty members belonging to the different disciplines in the constituent units – Colleges and Departments of the University of Delhi.

Keeping in view its excellent achievements, University Grants Commission upgraded the Centre to an Area Studies Programme Unit in 2002.

The most prestigious and eagerly awaited event of the Centre is the annual Lester Pearson Lecture, which the Centre organizes every year in April, on the birth anniversary of late Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Lester Pearson. This annual Lecture has been delivered every alternate year by an eminent Canadian and it has attracted very important persons from Canada. Every year, the Centre organizes a Pierre Trudeau Memorial Debate to help popularize Canada’s socioeconomic, political and cultural environment among the youth in the country. The increasing popularity of the Debate, open exclusively for the undergraduate students of the University of Delhi, clearly shows that the Centre has been particularly successful in promoting interest in Canadian Studies in the University of Delhi.

In addition to the regular annual features the Centre is organizing a series of Special Lectures and Webinars on topical issues relevant to India and Canada. During the current pandemic situation, the Centre is organizing a series of webinars on “The Impact of COVID 19 on the Economies of India and Canada.”

The well-stocked Canadian Studies Reading Room, housed on the Second Floor of the South Campus Library has a large collection of books covering different disciplines.